Configure your Storage
10GB 30.00/mon
Saving your finances

By using Block compression and avoiding redundant data, backups become up to 20 times smaller.

Saving your time

Easy to schedule and manage backups through the control panel.

Protection of personal data

Your connection will be secured with an SSL certificate. We use RAID 10, which guarantees maximum safety for your data.

How backups can safe your project

Hackers may use exploits on your page to steal information or destroy your websites functionality. By using backups, you can simply go back to a version of your site before the attack and fix the exploit, avoiding expensive repairs and maintainance.

Compromised accounts

Giving out account credentials to your server is always a risk, but sometimes it is necessary. Maybe you hired a freelance engineer to do some webdesign or software maintainance for you. In case your account gets compromised - maybe through a untrustworthy person or a leak - its easy to reclaim your data and privacy. Simply use your backups to revert back to a version before your account was compromised and change your login credentials. Your old login data will become useless and your site is safe once again.

Hardware failture

Data loss is a nightmare for any developer. While we do run our drives off RAID-10 - which will keep your data safe and sound - you may not be so lucky when running servers yourself. Professionals often take multiple hours to fix hardware issues and if a hard drive completely fails you may need to send it into data recovery which is expensive. Every hour lost is an hour without income so instead of waiting for the issues to get resolved, you can simply use your backups to continue running your website.


As time goes on, Your programmer insists more and more on updating PHP. Something went wrong in the update process and the site refuses to work. While the programmer is solving technical problems, you have the opportunity to restore the working version of the site.