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Hosting and distribution of the following content is prohibited: [!]

  • Illegal content;
  • Child porn;
  • Malicious software (viruses, Trojan, etc);
  • Unsolicited mail (spam)
  • Illegal mining of logins and passwords (phishing);
  • Selling drugs/ medicines without the corresponding license (pharmal);
  • Propaganda of any kind of racism, drugs, violence, hatred, strife and suicide;
  • Proxies;
  • DDOS, port scamming, bruteforce;
  • Any Account trading and carding;
  • Online games (except for dedicated servers);
  • Uploading traffic-loaded file archives, uploading a photo hosting, etc. (except for dedicated servers);

Client is obliged to:

1. Comply with the requirements of these rules.

2. Provide accurate and up to date information about yourself, while filling up registration form. If needed we have the right to request scans/photos of your identification documents.

3. Store the credentials of account (billing and control panel), we do not take responsibility for lost passwords.

Contractor is obliged to:

1. Provide technical support to the client and respond to customer requests within 48 hours.

2. Keep uptime of all services and servers at least 97%.

3. Keep customer data safe and make regular backups.

The Contractor is not obliged to:

1. Teach a client how to use basic internet and hosting technologies.

2. Teach a client how to use hosting technologies (billing, control panel, etc) and how it works. There is official documentations on how to use BILLmanager and ISPmanager.

3. Help with mistakes made by clients relying on code.

4. Help with client scripts and CMS (content management system).

5. Help with OS (Operating System) and Software on Virtual and Dedicated servers.

6. Help with third-party services not related to our Hosting.

7. Setting up servers for individual client requests.

We have the right to stop hosting content that we believe is not acceptable from the point of view of universal morality, ethics or the law. The above list of prohibited activities are not exclusive. The contractor decides whether any action not specified in the rules are permissible with the contractor on all servers of hosting with discretion.